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NIGERIA and Boko-Haram

How did Boko Haram get control of Lake Chad? How does Boko Haram differ from the Islamic State? What is the connection between terrorism and criminality? What hinders Nigerian counter-terrorist efforts?

Summary of Arab-Israeli Conflicts since 1948

What were the causes & consequences of the various wars? How do Israeli-Palestinian tensions impact the broader regional context? How do the PLO and the Hamas differ? Why have attempts to pacify Israeli-Palestinian relations fail?

What is a Nation ?

What are the two tenets on which rests the concept of nation? Are nations eternal? Are they linked to notions of race, language, religion, interest or geography?

A Short History of Russia

Twelve centuries of Russian history to discover how Russia has built its identity under the Mongols, Ivan the Terrible, the Romanov, the Soviet Union and now Vladimir Putin.

Humiliation in International Relations

How can globalisation and Western modernity be both desired and rejected? What are the humiliating ways in which the West sustains its global domination? How does humiliation fuel national narratives? How have wars changed in a way that humiliation has become systematic?

Limits of the Power Vacuum Logic in Africa

Liberal actors see Africa as a proxy landscape for their power rivalry with illiberal countries. However, they forget that African States have their own agency and that it's not a simple zero-sum game, a vacuum is not always spatial.

Weak and Failed States in Africa

Who is at the basis of the DRC's educational system? How do Chad's rural populations settle property-related disputes? Why do Guinean hunters perform law enforcement missions? Why is a NGO fighting terrorism in Benin's national parks?

Al-Qaeda and Daesh in Africa

What are the various African terrorist groups? How different are al-Qaeda and Daesh's targets, strategies and images? How will the threat evolve in Africa?


How does Turkey leverage its soft and hard powers to gain influence in Africa? Which narrative does it develop? What challenges does it face?

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